Do Not Focus on The Storms in Our Lives

When our world as we know it is rocked by a storm, it’s very hard not to allow the storm to consume our lives. The KEY to pushing through, the KEY to surviving, the KEY to weathering life’s storms is to Not Focus on The Storm. I’m not telling you to forget, I’m telling you not to be consumed by FEAR. JESUS holds the KEY. Focus on HIM. Focus on God’s Promises… Focus on VICTORY in CHRIST. You WILL come […]

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Surviving The Storms

A year ago, God laid something BIG on my heart… I didn’t understand why. But, I didn’t question why. It was time for me to go back online. Let go of my previous Blogs/Online Media and start on a totally new project and platform. But, it isn’t cheap to buy a new domain, self-hosting package and all the bells & whistles needed to pull off a successful Website. Especially when you are sitting in a CCU in critical condition, in […]

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13 Ways Our Struggles Serve Great Purpose

We all face trials and tribulations in this short journey called, “life.” I am no different than any other human in this aspect. But, I’ve definitely had my fair share of suffering. This is something I will explain in my full testimony soon. But, God has laid several urgent things on my heart. I do believe that our suffering and pain here on earth do serve great purpose. I’ve always prayed to God and asked that He use my suffering […]

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